We picked a balanced diet for your pets.

Only natural products with minerals and vitamins.

About Halpi

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Water is irreplaceable in critical periods of animal life: growth, lactation, post-pregnancy and postoperative periods.

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The old animal Halpi provides high resistance to disease, muscle and emotional tone, longevity.

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High quality ingredients with additional benefits help dogs and cats live long, happily and healthy.

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Due to the high degree of purity, excellent taste and no odor, animals do not experience discomfort from drinking water.

About nutrition

Everyone is familiar with the phrase: “We are what we eat”. Unfortunately, not all owners understand that this is also true for their furry friends. Communicating every day with visitors, employees of the shelter “Murkosh” discuss the issue of feeding cats.

The myth that cats live 10 years (and this is supposedly the maximum age, and old age is about 6-7) gave birth to a careless attitude of owners to preserve the health of pets. But with the right nutrition, good living conditions and timely provision of medical care, cats live quietly for 15-20 years or more.

The formula of food is composed in such a way that it is as balanced as possible for all nutrients. In the right food, all the ingredients necessary for healthy growth and development must be matched in the right proportion.