The main principle of our work – care of health of your Pets therefore all products are certified and made under constant and sensitive control of skilled technologists and veterinarians.

  • in production we use the most advanced technology to create the most healthy and delicious food with the perfect scientifically-based formulation;
  • the feed composition is optimally selected based on the needs, and provides Pets with a complete nutritious diet, taking into account individual characteristics at different stages of life;
  • our team is constantly working to ensure that the taste of feed was perfect, as well as constantly expanding and improving the range of products.

Why trust us?


We deliver our products to retail chains and large pet stores throughout Russia.

Our products are made of premium products with the addition of all the most essential micro and macro elements to maintain the health of your Pets at the highest level.

We use only hypoallergenic materials for the production of packaging of our products.